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SevenSuperGirls is the largest all-girl (under 18's) Partner collaboration on YouTube! So, just who are these girls? MONDAY: Nicole | USA TUESDAY: JthreeProductions Jazzy | USA WEDNESDAY:Mpatient13 Kaelyn | USA THURSDAY: CupcakeCutie170 Jenna | USA FRIDAY: katherineshow1 & Really Rad Rachael Katherine & Rachael | USA SATURDAY: Mimi Mimi | USA SUNDAY: Ellie the Unicorn Ellie | UK - - - FAQ Q) Do you have Instagram? A) Yes, it's SevenSuperGirlsFans - - - Please note: This is a parentally controlled and moderated channel. The parents are responsible for all uploads, and all content is vetted by them. Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. - - - © 2008-2017 SevenSuperGirls.Com

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